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Let us show you how we can and do deliver measurable project results to your organization.



We know IT Project Management is essential to any business process. From small implementations to ERP overhauls, our project skills ensure work is completed on time and on budget. We use the best approach to both short-term and long-term development, we do not lose scope or change our target. Our IT project management outsourcing and business solutions insure that projects stay on track through proven delivery and management methods.


Dataworx uses a proven methodology to develop and deploy solutions for you. Our process is iterative and interactive. We work closely with you to ensure that everyone agrees on the goals of the project, the deliverables, and how success will be defined.  


We take standard methodoligies and apply them to your project and wenever rely on just one method and why we most oftem mix Agile, Waterfall and Extreme practices to achive results with our internal four step methodology.


During the first phase, Dataworx works with you to clearly define the project goals, specify the deliverables, and define the objectives using milestones that can be scheduled.  By working with you to define your objectives and designing a plan in the process, everyone starts on the same page with the same expectations.


From our discovery we gather a comprehensive set of requirements that are used to established the foundation for building your application.  The solution and subsequent prototype of the site or application appearance and functions are designed at this time. All completed prototypes are reviewed by everyone prior to starting the development phase.


Development is an interactive process with Dataworx.  All components and features are developed, integrated and totally tested using a team of dedicated professionals to ensure the application exceeds your expectations.


After your final review and acceptance of our work, your application is seamlessly integrated into your workflow with a solid set of guidelines to minimize change