Dataworx began operation in 1991 and has become a stable corporation you can depend on. Our expertise in development technologies is tempered with strong practical experience in many areas of business. Our clients range from large fortune 1000 corporations to small and medium size businesses, yet regardless of size each client receives the same level of service.

Our applications consistently bring a solid return on investment because we place importance on delivering a solution that fits both your needs and your budget. Our integration skills provide the glue that links your internal systems to any other source, giving your company the edge needed to excel in your markets. Our team of experienced designers and developers possess the impressive development skills needed to develop your next generation of applications on the platform most suited to your needs. We specialize in Microsoft .NET development and utilize Agile Development and Extreme Programming practices to provide fast pace quick turnaround results. Our software development model is a mix of Agile Development, traditional SDLC, and Waterfall models.

We are a leader in dynamic internet application development including e-commerce applications, custom software development, and fully developed dynamic applications. We have perfected our discovery process and methodology to insure your projects are delivered on time, on budget, and fully functional. We provide services to all those who are in need of expert internet and custom software development. Our consulting is based on a fixed rate or time and materials basis.

Our tag line "To The Point Solutions" is more than just words. We consider it our mission to insure that projects not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations in every aspect. So please contact us if you would like to find out more information about how we can help you achieve your goals.

News & Events

Empire Real e- Auction Services
Empire Livestock needed get more out it its Auctions so we created Empire eAuctions. You can set up your own auction featuring agricultural based assets including; livestock, equipment, machinery, feed and real estate. New auctions become active only after review and approval by the administrator. The auction owner (seller) has the right to accept or reject any bid, unless advertised as an absolute sale.

CIL Material Processing System
JP Industries LLC, a private equity group, purchased the operating assets of the CSM and formed CIL. Because of the comprehensive experience Dataworx has in process control and production control Dataworx has been chosen to analyze and create an entirely new process control based on exisitngs methods coupled with new technology.

Dairylea`s Empire Services
When Dairylea Cooperative Inc., a farmer-owned agricultural marketing and service organization with more than 2,300 member farm families located throughout the Northeast needed to enhance the web services portion of their Empire Division they contacted Dataworx. As the largest milk-marketing organization based in the region, Dairylea sells more than 5.5 billion pounds of raw milk annually through a milk-marketing network that reaches from Maine to Ohio to Maryland. Dataworx is proud to be a part of growing more than just Daiylea`s future.

Auxilliary Services Corp. SUNY Cortland
The ASC SUNY Cortland has contracted with Dataworx to provide the next level of business services to all patrons. Dataworx is proud to be working with such an active part of the SUNY Cortland School.

Brooklyn Eagle
The Brooklyn Eagle has contracted with Dataworx to provide the next level of business advertising for all of its papers. Not only will the Brooklyn Eagle have the latest in Design Online Advertising but it will also be implementing an entire new search for all of its papers as well as new mechandising and subscription sites. Dataworx is proud to be working with such a historical giant.

Crucible Materails Corp.
CMC produces the highest quality steels in the world and they have contracted with Dataworx to design and install a system to insure its certification data and systems meet the same quaility as its steel products.

WendCentral is a Franchise Group of Wendy's Stores. WendCentral asked Dataworx to design and create a portal for the store owner / operators that will allow for the entry of both yeild and sales data. This data can then be used in various reports or exported in realtime to external applications.

Cardinal Brands Small Business Portal.
Dataworx again moves to provide the most extensive content and management applications for Cardinal Brands. Cardinal Brands, Inc. was formed November 2000 through a merger between Adams Business Forms, Inc. and Eagle OPG, Inc. Today, Cardinal Brands, Inc. is among the largest office products suppliers in the country, and is recognized as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of high quality, innovative business, consumer and hobby products. Watch for a press release soon.

Dr. Lynne H. Irwin
Dr. Irwin has contract Dataworx to provide complete coding to control its latest generation of Triaxil Test Equipment. Dataworx is proud to be a part of this extensive research project.

John Scanlon Coins
John Scanlon Coins a rare coin and currency shop has ask that Dataworx redo its entire ecommerce application.

Cornell Local Roads Program
Dataworx is proud to be chosen as the exclusive developer for Cornell Local Roads Program. CLRP has contracted Dataworx to develop and enhance all of its Membership management software.
Dataworx is proud to release

Varsity Soccer and Dataworx teamed up to enhance the level of service for soccer club management software.

For fifteen cents per month pre player MyEliteClub.Com provides the very best club management software. Call 607-753-6933 for a free demo.

Envisionaries.Com is proud to announce Dataworx as its developer and integrator of choice. Envisionaries is a premier provider of custom branded motivational products via the web. Design and shop for the lowest cost custom products with unsurpassed quality by clicking here.
Dataworx is proud to be chosen as the exclusive developer for MyEliteClub has contracted Dataworx to develop and enhance all of its club management software.

IBM developerWorks Peer Advisor
Dataworx is now part of the IBM developerWorks Peer Advisors Network. We are currently involved with the Cloudscape Project. IBM Cloudscape™ provides a full-featured, robust, small-footprint database server that is simple to deploy and reduces the cost of embedded and Web-based applications.

Cornell University Veterinary Medicine
The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University values its leadership position in academic veterinary medicine and has chosen Dataworx to create it newest assay data acquisition and analysis software. Situated within a world-class research university with recognized strengths in the physical and life sciences, the study of veterinary medicine has contributed to the Cornell fabric since the founding of the university.

Dataworx will no longer be performing work for nonproft organizations we have not previously worked with. In order to support nonprofits we refer all new nonprofits to iGiving

CSM produces the most innovative and highest quality steels in the world and they have contracted with Dataworx to design and install a system to acquire chemical and other data streamed from high tech analytical equipment to insure the quality of specific grades of steel.

Marietta Corp. a leading manufacturer of unit-of-use samples in the personal care industry and the largest miniature soap bar producer in North America has commissioned Dataworx to provide a new enterprise wide costing and quoting system.

Need an application developed? Considering OutSouring? "InSource" with Dataworx… We are a totally US based corportion that can and does provide solutions at or below the costs of OutSourcing. For "InSourcing" information, please visit the contact page.

Dalrymple Companies Enterprise Wide Job Costing
The Dalrymple Companies have supplied quality rock products, concrete and hot mix asphalt to the construction industry for nearly a century. When Dalrymple needed to have an Enterprise Wide Payroll Entry System that tied actual job costs to production levels they contacted Dataworx.

MYMarketingStop Releases
MyMarketingStop the most complete small business marketing materials and print media site in the nation is put into production. See for yourself at

To provide the most comprehensive services for nonprofits iGiving LLC makes Dataworx its primary devloper for all of its applications. To see iGiving in action click iGiving.Org

BIC has a completely new online management system for its entire suite of investment vehicles.

Systems East Total Collection System amazes town and county governments with its robust and easy to use features, allowing for simplistic and accurate Tax Collection.

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