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To The Point Solutions For Process Control And Management

Process Control as we know is the planning and supervision of manufacturing activities to ensure that goods will be produced on time at the lowest possible cost.  At Dataworx we know the difference between Production Control and Process Control.  

When we talk process that is what we are talking, it is how we manage and monitor the actual production process and how we tie that back to your production control sytem no matter if it is a stand alone MRP or an integrated ERP.

Process control for manufacturing has unique requirements differentiating it from other types of manufacturing control and costing systems. 

We develop software that aligns with the process you use in your industry paying special attention and putting emphasis on the systems requirements.

We are here to ensure that your company can operate at optimal levels, consistent with how you do business and not with how the software lets your company do business.

Most importantly is we certify the process to the software and what that means is we make sure the software will actually work with the process your company is using.