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To The Point Solutions For SEM And SEM

Dataworx is here to assist you with the Marketing aspects of your business.  SEO Search Engine Optimization, SEM Search Engine Marketing and PPC Pay Per Click.

There is no quick fix to Marketing it is your companies lifeblood you need to approach it as such.

We are here to show you why SEO isn’t a website traffic “quick fix”. We know it takes time, dedicated effort and a systematic approach to get results from any campaign. We know that without a dedicated SEO staff insureing SEO is getting the attention it needs to be successful can be very difficult. We realize that it does take time away from other important business functions.

While SEO may seem simple it is not.  Would you entrust sales to an untested and unproven manager?  So why entrust your site to the same.  We are here to assist in the design and implemention an SEO strategy, of an SEO solution.

To further your companies goals many times SEM/PPC is a potential solution. 

You need to know that SEM/PPC campaigns can and are expensive.  In some cases extremely expensive. There are monthly maintenance fees to consider and you must pay for every click, regardless of whether or not the site visitors makes a purchase. The more competitive and popular the keywords used in the campaign, the more expensive they will be.

If keywords aren’t carefully and wisely chosen, an SEM campaign can quickly become cost prohibitive with little or no return on investment.

Paying for SEM is much like paying rent every month. Once you quit paying, the traffic stops. With a long-term, strategically sound SEO program, on the other hand, you are building search “equity”, much like you would if you were purchasing a home and making mortgage payments for several years.

One point stands above all others though; Once you get the prospect to your site, if you cannot get that customer to convert to an order or become a client then all the SEO and SEM in the world will not help.